How to Choose Your Room's Window Design

Are your windows tired and drab-looking? Have they been leaking moisture or letting unwanted cold or warm air in the house? What are your windows doing for the style of your home? Do they fit with your home's personality and decor?

If you're considering window replacements, there's never been a better time. Window replacements offer over 70% return rate to homeowners. In addition, replacing your home's windows increases its energy efficiency.

If you aren't sure where to start, keep reading to find out more about top window design choices.

Single Hung

Single-hung windows are commonly found in character homes from the 1800s and early 1900s. They can also be found in many newer homes. Single-hung windows open by sliding the bottom panel (or sash) up.

The top sash stays stationary in single-hung windows. These windows aren't just for century-old homes.

Single-hung windows offer a classic window look at an affordable price. They are easy to maintain and offer airflow where needed.

Having single-hung windows in each room of your house provides a uniform look. Sing hung windows also let a lot of light into your space.

If you'd like to keep a classic look while sticking to your budget, single hung is a great window style to consider. Since the top sash is completely sealed, single-hung windows are very energy efficient.

If someone in your household suffers from back or shoulder pain, single hung may not be the best window style for you. Some people may find the force needed to push the sash of a single-hung window open is too great.

Single-hung windows have small tracks that are easy to keep clean as well.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows provide the same look as single-hung windows. Double-hung windows open by lowering the top sash or raising the bottom sash. The ability to open from the top or bottom sash gives a great option for increased airflow. Double-hung windows are perfect for any room in your house.

Like single-hung windows, they have small tracks for easy cleaning. They also let a good amount of sunlight into your space.

Because they open from the top and bottom, they are slightly less energy efficient. Double-hung windows aren't ideal for those living in rainy climates. When open, these windows provide little to no barrier from outdoor elements.

Due to their versatility and affordability, double-hung windows are among the top design window choices of homeowners today.

Double Hung With Muntins

A muntin is a small dividing line placed in between panes or on an outside window pane. Muntins create a visual effect of multiple panels. This is a great way to get the look of a Victorian or country chic style without breaking the bank.


Casement windows are another popular option in many modern homes. These crank-operated windows open horizontally on one side and are sealed on the other. Homeowners can choose casement windows that open to either the left or the right side.

Casement windows are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. They are great for tight spaces as it doesn't take much muscle to open them.

These windows are energy efficient as well. When closed, a strong wind in the right direction will reinforce the seal.

If left wide open during a strong crosswind, casement windows can be damaged. Some less-expensive casement window cranks and handles may break and need repair or replacement.

Casement windows are available in many sizes. Convenience and versatility make them one of the best window design choices for any room.

Picture and Fixed

A fixed window is sealed on all sides and doesn't open. Many people use fixed windows as a center for their bay or bow windows.

Fixed windows make excellent picture windows for enjoying an outdoor view. These windows won't let in rain or snow.

Homeowners should be aware that fixed windows may act as a heat magnet. In hot climates, this may not be ideal if you're trying to keep your home cool.

If you need a window design with only looks in mind, a fixed window is a great design choice.

Fixed windows are not recommended for bathrooms or kitchen areas (unless accompanied by other windows that open). Since bathrooms tend to produce moist air, venting this area is important to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Kitchens should also have a good ventilation system. If you burn something in the oven or microwave, you'll want to be able to open a window or two.

Casement windows are amount the top window design choices along with double-hung. Homeowners can find reasonably priced casement windows to suit each room's function and design.


If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive window style, sliding windows are a good fit for you. Sliding-style windows do just what they say; slide open and closed.

Sliding windows are durable and cost-effective. Because they have a simple design, they're very easy to maintain and don't often break or need repair.

Sliding windows have deep tracks that tend to collect dirt easily. If you select these windows for your home, you may be in for some extra light cleaning.

Many homeowners enjoy the easy use and construction of sliding windows. Some, however, find them dated and are willing to upgrade for a different window style.


Awning windows open by pushing out the bottom. They are attached at the top, so opening them creates (you guessed it) an awning.

Because of their design, awning windows offer privacy and ventilation at the same time.

This window style is ideal for bathrooms or basement rooms. Add privacy glass and you can enjoy an open awning window without worrying about what others can see.

Awning windows are great for areas with wet climates. Homeowners can open awning windows in their home for fresh air because raindrops will slide away from the house.

Worried about intruders? Awning windows create a natural barrier from break-ins. Because they open from the top, it's difficult for someone to enter a home through them.

Awning windows use a crank and handle system to open, similar to casement windows. And, like casement windows, the crank and handle may eventually need repair or replacement.

Due to their shape, awning windows don't allow as much free airflow as other designs.

Awning windows are available in a variety of shapes and styles. If you're wondering how to choose a window that provides privacy, safety, and ventilation, awning windows are a great choice.

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows are a great way to add interest and sunlight to any room of your home. A bay window is usually made up of a center picture window with at least one casement window on either side. Bay windows typically have defined angles.

Bay windows are great for breakfast nooks, reading spaces, or enhancing great views.

Bow windows are similar to bay windows. Instead of defined angles, bow windows are part of a round structure. Bow windows create a fun and functional half-circle design.

Bay and bow windows are usually energy-efficient. However, as with any fixed window, they could allow extra heat in your home. If you're in a colder climate, this creates a welcoming winter warm-up spot.

For homeowners in warmer states, this may create a problem during the hot summer months.


Transom windows act as an accent to doors or larger windows. They are usually located above door frames or larger windows. Transom windows vary in size, shape, and style.

Transom windows have survived through a century of trends and fads. It's easy to see why they are so popular. Transom windows add light and architectural interest to any area.

Many transom windows are fixed but some are awning style. Remote-controlled open/close technology is available for those hard-to-reach transom windows.

If you're looking to replace a transom window, ask an expert to help you know what options you have.

Garden Windows

Garden windows create a small little greenhouse feeling in your home! These windows are usually situated at the kitchen sink. They have a similar look to bay and bow windows, but much smaller.

Because of their shape, garden windows have window panels on the top, front, and sides.

Garden windows are perfect for plant lovers. They create an array of light and warmth into your kitchen area.

If you're looking to upgrade your style, consider a custom garden window. They can be styled to match anyone's space by adding shelves, colors, and (of course) the perfect plants.

The Best Window Design Choices for Your Home

It's no secret upgrading your windows is a great investment. Why not create the space you want with your favorite window style?

Maybe you're looking for a traditional double-hung or casement option to give your home a classic, functional feel.

Do you have a bathroom remodel project? You can't go wrong with a treated glass awning window or two.

Looking for a way to add light and function to your living room or breakfast nook? Consider bay or bow windows paired with a built-in storage bench.

At Amos Exteriors, we'd love to partner with you on your next window replacement project. Let us help you find the top window design choices for you.