What Are The 3 signs That You Need Roof Repairs?

Like all essential parts of a home or building, your roof has a limited lifespan and may need maintenance on occasion. Unfortunately, roof repairs can be expensive or very time consuming if you try to DIY it, so it’s in the homeowner’s best interest to routinely inspect it. Most homeowners wait until they notice an obvious problem like a leak or water stains before deciding to take action.

If you want to avoid an out of control roof issue and address any damage before it becomes irreversible, make it a habit to check up on your roof every few months or so. Several signs could stand out and let you know that it needs repairs, but your shingles are not the only place you should look.

1. Signs On Shingles That You Need Roof Repair

Of course, your shingles may be frequently bludgeoned by rain, wind, or even hail. They are the shield of your house, but they wear down over time. If your shingles are dark, grimy, or wet, they are likely not doing their job and could be letting the water soak into the interior of your attic. Trapped moisture can cause many potential issues, including growing mold or algae with the right conditions. If the roof stays moist, rotting will eventually set in, causing more expensive problems.

Your shingles may also appear cracked or curled at the edges. This is usually a sign of age-related deterioration, and they may be nearing their lifespan. This can lead to a failure to protect your home from water getting in and causing damage.

2. Signs Outside The Home That You Need Roof Repair

Other than your roof, there are a few areas that should also be examined. These areas include any objects or openings that may be on top of the roof, like chimneys, pipes, vents, or gutters. These are all places that deterioration may initially develop or show up more clearly. Gutters, specifically, may have a buildup of asphalt or any material your shingles may be made of. This is a sign that your shingles are getting too old and are wearing out quickly.

An additional location to check is around the top edge of your home’s exterior walls. If any of the paint is blistered or peeling, this could likely mean that your attic has built up humidity from a roof leak or poor ventilation, and is now trapping moisture.

3. Signs In The Attic That You Need Roof Repair

Your attic will often show you if there is a more significant problem with your roof’s health since it is in such close contact. If your attic’s decking or rafters are sagging slightly, or if there is excess moisture in the air, a leak may be present and could affect the inside of your home. Another reliable indicator of a significant roof issue is if you can see any outside light from inside your attic. If this is the case, then water can easily invade through these same openings.

Besides inspecting the roof yourself regularly, have it inspected by a professional at least once a year. Inspection is important especially if it’s ten years or older, or if you’ve recently had bad storms or hail.