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“Top of the House” System

You want your roof to last and be trouble-free but a high-performance roof takes more than just shingles. The performance of any roof depends on an entire system of products working and performing together, including ventilation and insulation. Even the highest-quality shingles cannot work alone to protect a home. That is why we at Amos Exteriors share with you how important it is to also consider attic insulation and proper ventilation when installing a new roof.

Benefits of a “Top of the House” System

It is essential that a home’s roof, ventilation, and insulation work together as a system. When they do, a homeowner will be able to feel the added comfort of maintaining their desired indoor temperature almost immediately. And over time, a properly functioning Top of the House™  system becomes a perfect example of why we say that PINK is Green®:

• As a home’s energy efficiency increases with a Top of the House system, its carbon footprint decreases
• A Top of the House system helps increase a roof’s longevity by adding to the life of the shingles,
preventing moisture and preventing ice dams — and each of those benefits adds to a home’s sustainability
• PINK FIBERGLAS™ Insulation products are GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children & Schools certified for better indoor air quality

About Owens Corning

Owens Corning strives every day to make the world a better place. Their track record, now surpassing 75 years, shows sustained results in this pursuit. Their history also shows market-leading businesses in insulation, roofing and fiberglass composites.

For the most part, their products and industries did not exist until they invented them. Their product portfolio has advanced over the years, of course. The advances reflect customers’ growing needs for quality, value, and performance. Today, Owens Corning operates in three segments: insulation, roofing and asphalt, and composite solutions.

Their insulation and roofing businesses make new and existing homes and buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and attractive. Their composites business manufactures products from fiberglass reinforcements to meet diverse needs in diverse markets.

Owens Corning produces these solutions in ways that help keep people safe and help sustain our local communities for future generations.

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